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Here is the space where I want to share with you insights and inspirations as well as my cycling coaching philosophy and services. Enjoy the journey, read peacefully and ride safe !

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Build your 2021 cycling season this winter !

11 Nov 2020

For the cyclist eager to train, different solutions exist : to train alone, to be personally coached by a professional, or to follow a pre-built plan. Here’s a winter foundations cycling training plan to build your foundations for 2021 ! Three ...

Nutrition, Hydration, Digestion

10 Jun 2020

In this article, I wish to give out basic essential information regarding how digestion takes place in our bodies and how to apply this understanding to fuelling and hydrating during your rides. Hoping to make it as clearly as possible, this article ...

Better understanding your peak performances

27 May 2020

When I was a pro cyclist, we all talked about ‘form’.  When we were ‘on form’, each of my teammates and peers on the pro circuit talked about having good ‘form’. The legs just felt great, the days of ‘no-chain’, the days we were just...

How much is enough ?

17 May 2020

One of the many reasons to train with a power meter has to do with determining optimal training load.  Should I ride two hours today or four hours? Should I do intervals or just ride easy? Are ten hill repeats enough or would fifteen make me even st...

Training with a power meter

12 May 2020

Once you have forked out the dough for your new power meter, gone through the laborious process of installing it on your bike, calibrating it, charging the computer and figuring out how to use the buttons, you might ask yourself, “How do I use it t...

A good core for a powerful health

21 Jan 2020

Remember that first time you could ride a bike , that moment when you felt you were flying and … crashed a few meters way as you didn’t find the balance ? You trained this balance and coordination so that now you balance yourself on the b...

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