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6 Sep 2021

Why female consultation, a moment dedicated to female physiology only ?

Female studies represent less than 40% of the studies published in Sports Science. Not more than 50 years ago, scientific knowledge wouldn’t allow us all to “know” what was going on in the female bodies, during puberty, through the reproductive live and each menstrual cycles, and then during menopause.



Today, we know that the sexual hormones which make the menstrual cycles and fade in the menopause have receptors in many different cells of our bodies :


Less than 30% of researchers are women (UNESCO). Add to this the fact that female hormones vary cyclically, unlike the male hormone (testosterone), which does not have a cycle with strong variations: research is not encouraged to delve into the wonders of female bodies, which are considered ‘complex’ because they are more complex than male bodies.

Understand better what’s going on inside you, from your choice of contraception to your nutrition during the menopause, or even the type of sport that helps your body function. You’ll become your own best ally, fully autonomous and effective in your choices.

Female consultation options

Fortunately, thanks to the work of Dr Stacy Sims and other researchers, we now have the keys to better adapt training and recovery for women, with the aim of optimising performance, the feeling of exertion and recovery. This is what we offer you, either in the books Sportives! and Femmes actives pendant et après la ménopause, or in direct consultation to meet your specific needs.

We offer you support through discussions/consultations, to guide your choices in terms of nutrition, sporting activities and lifestyle during the menopause, to help you optimise your menstrual cycles or deal with problems such as amenorrhoea, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovaries and so on. This is in no way medical support.

Initial 50-minute consultation: €75.
Follow-up consultation: €60.

Our price shouldn’t refrain you from getting support, please contact us and we will find a solution together. 

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