la Roue et la Plume.


Well being

Hello ! This is me, doing my least favourite thing : facing the camera, and doing my most favourite thing : eating home made food in the sun. I come from a scientific background with experiences here and there around the world. From public service to coaching today, I give my best to make our worlds better places.


I discovered cycling in my early 20's, intrigued by the long hours my brothers spent away riding. A little knee issue gave me the final kick to start road cycling. I fell in love. It became a way to quiet my mind, to connect me with nature and seasons, to give me healthy challenges and to meet incredible like-minded people. Cycling has been an incredible tool for self-awareness and self-growth. It is a combination of the wheels, always turning, moving us forward, repeating cycles where we can grow and flourish (La Roue), with the harshness of letting ourselves go with the elements, the wind, the sun or the rain, and finally with the immense perspective we get after climbing up in the mountains as if we were light and feeble feathers (La Plume).

Furry animals

These little two furry animals have brought sunshine, smiles and love in my life. One of the multiple teachings they've given to me is how to make my daily life and incredible succession of marvels, where curiosity invites me to deeply look at everything around me. Not mentioning the playfulness inviting me to smile at the little or bigger mishappenings !

La Roue et la Plume

La Roue (the wheel ) et la Plume (the feather) is the logical evolution of my way to make an impact : sharing my knowledge and also the experiences which made me who I am now, in order to offer a way to a flourishing self to anyone. Cycling is a powerful tool for it, if you respect your body and its needs.

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