Your purpose in life…

... is to find it !

6 Aug 2021

Knowing your purpose and how it evolves gives you direction on the course of action you need to take and how to get started. With the current situation worldwide we had to adapt our cycling goals many times since 2020, rolling from hope to disappointment and up again to hope.

This constant adaptation forced us to be more and more resilient, to handle unexpected setbacks along the way of our nicely planned game plan : we were committed to a goal, came up with a plan, committed to the plan, attacked the challenge with everything we had but then nothing happened because the reality offered something completely different. It happened in our personal lives as well with many changes and unexpected situations coming up.

This is when we have a choice : the choice of either pushing again and again against this reality so that our initial plan and goal can unfold, fighting against the present, or the choice to shift our focus to where it will be more beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical health, shifting our focus onto what is in our control.

At first, when a setback happens, you will feel confusion, anger, frustration, sadness, annoyance.. It’s important to allow these emotions to rise and to express them out of your body (you can listen to this podcast about that specific subject). After accepting these emotions, you can then take the time to take a deep breath, a step back and to start adjusting to the new situation. Your purpose is not to know the solutions before the problems arise, it’s more about keeping the search to adapt to whatever happens.

It is in our own control to accept to find a different solution and not see that as a failure. At first it requires a lot of persistence and commitment to stick to the new solution, as it’ll probably appear less appealing or efficient than the first one. But sometimes, and probably more often than we think, we’ll even realise along the way that the different solution is actually a better solution than the initial one we had..

Buddha quote on purpose

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