Being content

As a key to live a richer, more meaningful life

16 Aug 2021

Being content… In a society where it seems to be about having more, doing more, being better, performing higher, contentment is often pushed aside as it feels we could have had more, should have been better. The possibility of improving whatever we do is and will always be present and for us to take. But as we learn to walk before we learn to run, we need to make progress one step at a time. Thus, one step is a success, and one step can give us contentment, even though we know there is still an infinite staircase to climb.

Contentment starts with accepting that there are millions of ways we can and will improve; by accepting and acknowledging that, we actually accept with no regrets that part of our progress will happen in an unknown future. Once you’ve accepted that (and also to support you accepting it), you can look at the present with renewed eyes, eyes which are not focused on the ultimate goal (the top of the infinite staircase), but the eyes which are doing what they are meant to do : observing what is in front of them.

As we brush off the wishes, regrets and expectations, we can see that we actually have or possess some interesting features : a functioning heart, solid bones to maintain the structure of our bodies, muscles in our faces which allow us to smile, eyes which can sparkle with interest, nerves which can fire our muscles, a brain which is an immense ally when we befriend it..

At an interpersonal level, choosing this approach of contentment (or also abundance, fullness..) can improve our relationships with other. There are in our daily life many more moments to celebrate than moments of negative emotions; however, the positive moments are less important than the negative moments (Dr. Frederickson, Positivity). By focusing, in our dialogs or talks, onto the things we are content about, we’ll enter into an upward spiral of positivity. Many good reasons to train our brain (and eyes !) to look at what we have and train them to feel the contentment it gives us (because the good news is : you can train your brain !) Contentment is richness

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