You have the power to own your thoughts

Controlling your mind is in your hands !

16 Jul 2021

Knowing what’s in your mind will help you figure out what’s going on inside your head and give you direction to own your thoughts in order not to be ruminating. We have the power to decide what we want to think about or not ! How so ?

We sometimes feel “submerged” by something, the weather, someone else’s emotion, our own body’s reactions to training, it feels as if it was thrown upon us and we have to “deal with it”. But our feelings, and especially the feeling that we don’t own our thoughts or our ideas, are not necessarily true or “The” truth.

Often we forget that the only thing which belongs to us and upon which we have total control, is our mind. When something happens, we have 100% control over how we welcome it, and how we react to it. It often means stopping and taking a deep breath first, in order to keep silent or weak the idea that we it is disturbing us.

It takes conscious training to get the ability to own our mind and ideas, to manage them so that they put us on a track to broaden and build rather than a track of mourning and self pity. As with any training, it takes a lot of repetition, to keep working on it again and again, and probably for ever in our life, because like our muscles, our minds de-train if we don’t train them (that’s why the wise men keep training/meditating/practicing every single damn day).

Before neurosciences could prove all of this (which they have, through the work of Dr. Frederickson and through the work done with fMRI on people meditating), the Antique philosophers, especially the stoics like Marcus Aurelius had the intuition for it.

Here it comes to, with a view on Andalusia lake (Sierras de Cazorla), north of Sierra Nevada so less high but beautiful (and very very very very hot in the summer) !

Control your thoughts

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