A good core for a powerful health

21 Jan 2020

Remember that first time you could ride a bike , that moment when you felt you were flying and … crashed a few meters way as you didn’t find the balance ? You trained this balance and coordination so that now you balance yourself on the bike almost unconsciously.

Almost ! Because when you have to avoid that little guy who fell in front of you, or that driver who opened his door, or that pothole in the tarmac, it’s the same sort of story again : you need your cerebellum to make you realise where your balance can be, and then you need some muscles to stabilize your body. Even on just a very simple smooth ride, your toned muscles stabilise your whole body.

Which muscles ? Your core muscles ! Among other actions, they are here to support your movement, meaning stability, but also injury prevention (lower back for instance).

And.. what are core muscles ?



To produce power on the pedals, you use muscles such as psoas, erector spinae or external obliques which, if not trained specifically off the bike, might be compensated for during cycling. Core training will guarantee strong core muscles so that they can sustain the efforts of riding

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