Build your cycling muscles off the bike !

This 12-week strength training plan will prepare you for your best season

9 Dec 2020

If you want to train better and smarter in order to get fitter, faster and stronger, this plan is for you ! Winter is an important period to build the season to come. Shorter and colder days invite you to stay inside, which is an amazing opportunity for high quality focused sessions on the mat to build strong, lean and healthy muscles !

To increase muscle cross-sectional area and maximal strength (which we will call “force” from now on), block periodization has proven efficient for male athletes. Block periodization is a model in which a unique goal or a few chosen abilities are being focused on. The training stimuli are thus concentrated within each block, and the training workload is increased by the cumulative effects of the blocks. The first scientist to publish about this way of training force was Verkhoshansky at the end of the 70s. Usually, the first block of this training model is focused on muscle hypertrophy before focusing on maximal strength and power during the following blocks.

In this pre-built plan, we included an adaptation phase for your body (muscle, tendons and joint structures) to get used to the resistance training stress. We also firmly believe in the importance of a strong core to prevent injuries (such as the classic lower back pain) and on the importance of regular mobility training for the health of your joints. Last but not least, this training plan includes plyometrics workouts to stimulate muscle maximal contractions and stimulates bone density.

For who, for what ?

This plan is meant to support cyclists who are willing to focus on building core and force to feel and perform better on the bike. It is best used with the 12-week winter training plan.

You will need some equipment to make the best out of this preparation, not all of the following equipment is needed, having one set of dumbbells will make the training more efficient.

  • kettlebell (suggested weights : 20kg and 32kg)
  • dumbbell (suggested weight 5kg)
  • swiss ball (also called stability ball)
  • ankle weights suggested weights : 2kg each.

What you will get

Our pre-built strength for cycling training plan (99,00€) includes

  • a 12 weeks calendar with programmed, periodized workouts
  • a structured blend of core, strength, plyometrics and mobility training
  • a document explaining the training principles of these sessions and detailing the workouts with videos and/or pictures
  • tips on what to include during your rides to complete your off-the-bike training
  • discounts on your future training plans.

Get it now !

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how to get your winter foundations cycling training plan

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